Scripts For 3D Artists

Wire Parameters

NOTE: This script only works on XYZ controllers.
wire parameters UI preview
Pick Master: Select the node to be wired to.
Slave Controller (dropdown): The slave controller to get wired.
Master Controller (dropdown): The master controller to wire to.
Keep Offset: When enabled it keeps the current difference between the slave and master values. Only predictable if slave and master controller are of same type (i.e. position, rotation, etc).
Invert: When enabled it inverts the master value for the slave value.
Assign Controllers: When enabled the selected objects (including the master) will be given XYZ controllers prior to wiring.
Custom String (dropdown and edittext): Allows the user to add a custom value to the wire. So for example, if you wanted a slaves X axis value to be the masters x axis value minus 50 units you would change the dropdown to the minus symbol and type “50” in the text box.
Add Wire: Adds the defined wire to the selected objects.
Remove Wire: Removes the wire from the selected controller type from the selected objects. When removing a wire the only value that matters is the slave controller, all others are ignored.