About us

Delivering show-stopping 3D designs nationwide

Twisted Gerbil Studio is a 3D art studio located in the frozen tundra of Michigan. 

Wait, you’re not in Michigan? Not a problem! We spread our love of 3D all over the country. 

We’ve got over a decade of experience working with 3D software and helping companies get what they need to deliver successful projects. 

Our services include modeling products for rendering, forensic animation, and asset creation for 3D printing. 

Twisted Gerbil Studio can help you create everything from individual models to final renders quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Start working with a technical artist who can provide you with the visuals and the programming you need today.

Meet Our Founder & Creative Director - David Szybala


Dave is the founder and creative director of Twisted Gerbil Studio. He’s been in the 3D industry for over a decade, and during that time he’s been involved in everything from data prep to product rendering.

Growing up, he spent his time drawing stick figure battles in textbooks instead of reading them. Evolving from doodles to 3D, Dave earned a Bachelors of Arts & Sciences, an Associates in Computer Animation.

Pre-Gerbil days, David took part in numerous specialty training workshops and an extensive nine-month online course run by Escape Studios that covered advanced modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering modules.

Along with extensive training, Dave’s also worked as a CGI artist and script developer for Burrows and a CGI Artist and technical director for LaDriere Studio. He conducted in-depth research and development for Mackevision and was a professor at Baker College for a couple of years. 

Over the years he’s designed and programmed tools to automate the designers’ workflow. There’s something about a smooth, visually appealing pipeline that is just so beautiful!

Launching Twisted Gerbil Studio, David has worked as our lead 3D and technical artist, excelling at modeling products for rendering, forensic animation, and asset creation for 3D printing.

If you’d like to work with us and get access to years of insider industry knowledge, get in touch today. 

Tell us about your project and let’s see what we can do for you.