Scripts For 3D Artists

UV Batcher

UV batcher UI preview
Add Modifier (mode): The mode the script operates in. “To Each Object” treats each object as an individual. “To Selection” treats the selection as a single object. “To Objects with the Same Material” will treat objects with the same material as a single object.
Mapping, Channel and Alignment: These options are identical to the UVW map modifier controls. Search for the UVW map modifier in the Max help for further documentation.
Square Fit: When enabled the dimensions (L/W/H) will all be equal, creating a perfect square. This can prevent mapping distortion.
Selection Only: Operate on only the selected objects. When disabled will operate on all scene objects.
Collapse Stack: Collapses the stack after applying the UVW modifier.
Add UVW Modifier: Adds a UVW modifier to the objects.
Status: The status of the script.