Scripts For 3D Artists

Spline Tools

This tool will operate on editable spline shapes.
Spline tools UI preview

Tangents (for straightening “broken” tangents)

Make In Match Out: Makes the in tangent match the out tangent on the selected knots.
Make Out Match In: Makes the out tangent match the in tangent on the selected knots.

Convert Knots: Converts the selected knots to smooth, corner, bezier or bezier corner.

The next area is for detecting mid edge knots. Imagine a straight line with one point on each end and a point in the center. The center point is useless since it is not affecting the shape and could be removed.

Angle Threshold: The angle threshold between end points before in between points are considered unnecessary. Lower values will produce more accurate results.
Select Mid Edge Knots: Executes the script and selects mid edge knots on the selected shapes.

The next area is for smoothing lines between two points based on the in tangent of the beginning point and the end tangent of the end point. Imagine you have a square. If you were to select the top two points and smooth between them you would now have an archway shape. NOTE: You must select knots in groups of 2 for this operation.

Smoothness: Defines how smooth to make corners. It is recommended to leave this value at 50%.
Smooth Tangent Pairs: Executes the script and smooths between the selected points. More than 2 points can be selected, however an even number of points must be selected.

Select Open Splines: Selects all open splines and print the names of the open curve.