Scripts For 3D Artists

Material List

Material list UI preview
Materials (text):Displays the total number of materials found.
Material List (textScrollList): Displays the names of the current materials.
Filter: Filters the material list. NOTE: Search is case sensitive. Also sub materials are not filtered, only root materials.
Update List: Updates the material list.
Include Unassigned Materials: When enabled unassigned materials will appear in the list.
Include Sub Materials: When enabled sub materials will appear in the list under their parent.
Graph Selected Materials: Graph the selected materials in the hypershade.
Input/Output/Both: Select to graph source, destination or both of the selected materials in the hypershade.
Clear Graph: Clears the hypershade graph.
Open Hypershade: Opens the hypershade.
Select Objects By Material: Selects all objects that are assigned to the selected materials.
Assign Material To Selected Objects: Assigns the selected material to the selected objects.
Select Material: Selects the material for quick access in the attribute editor.
Graph Materials of Selected: Shows the materials of the selected objects in the hypershade.
Status (text): Displays the status of the script.