Scripts For 3D Artists

Geometry Linker

This script uses a slightly different way of parenting/instancing. First you select all of the “masters” and add them to the list. Second you pick which master you want to work with from the list. Finally select the objects you want to be children/instances.

This method cuts down on the back and forth selecting, and helps with situations where having the parent and children in the viewport together in selectable areas is difficult. It also prevents 3ds Max from becoming unresponsive if you attempt manually parent too many objects at once.

Geometry linker UI preview

Masters (listbox): The list of current “master” objects.
Add Selected Object(s) to List: Adds the currently selected object(s) to the master list.
Remove Selected List Item: Removes the selected list item from the master list.
Remove All List Items: Removes all items from the master list.
Parent Selection to Master: Parents the currently selected objects (not the master list objects!) to the selected master item.
Convert Selection to Instances of Master: Turns the currently selected objects (not the master list objects!) into instances of the selected master item.
Status The status of the script.