Scripts For 3D Artists

Fracture Objects

fracture objects UI preview
Total (per iteration): Total cuts per iteration.
Total Iterations: Total times the script will go through and cut each piece of the object.
Total Fractures: The total fractures per object based on the above settings.
Material ID: When enabled will assign a material ID to new faces.
ID Value (spinner): The ID value.
Map Channel: When enabled will assign a map channel to the new objects.
Channel Value (spinner): The channel value.
Wirecolor (radiobutton): Give the new objects a random wirecolor or a constant value.
Random Seed: Controls the seed value of the cutting.
Seed Value (spinner): The seed value.
Keep Iterations: When enabled will keep each iteration of the object as it is cut on a different layer.
Keep Original Object: When enabled will keep the original object. When disabled the original object is deleted.
Parent to Original Object: When enabled will parent the cut object to the original object. Must have “Keep Original Object” checked to enable.
Center Pivots: When enabled all new objects have their pivot centered.
Fracture Object(s): Executes the script and cuts the selected objects.
Status: The status of the script.
Progress Bar (current): The progress on the current object.
Progress Bar (overall): The overall progress of the script.