Scripts For 3D Artists

Encrypt Scripts

Encrypt scripts UI preview
Script Directory Browse (…): Select the location of the scripts to be encrypted.
Search Sub Directories: Enable to search all sub directories of the script directory for MAXScript files.
Scripts (multilistbox): The *.ms files found.
Select All: Selects all the files in the script list.
Invert Selection: Reverses the selection of the script list.
Select None: Deselects all the files in the script list.
Output Directory: Optional. If a directory is entered the encrypted files will be moved to that location (mirroring the structure of the original *.ms files). If left blank the encrypted files will be in the same location as the original files.
Encryption: The encryption version to use. The default of “Version 1” is recommended.
Encrypt Selected Scripts: Executes the tool and encrypts the selected files.
Status: Displays the status of the tool.