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Combination Permutation

Combination/Permutation UI preview

This tool is interactive.

First if your wondering what a permutation is here is a brief explanation:

In a combination order does NOT matter.

In a permutation order DOES matter.

If your still confused do a quick google search. As for the script the best way to explain this one is to imagine you have a 10 digit keypad, the access code is 4 digits long and you want to know how many code possiblities exist. In this case you would enter 10 into the “# of Objects” field since there are 10 total possible numbers to choose from. Then you would enter 4 into the “# to Draw” field since the code is made up of 4 digits.

# of Objects: The total number of objects possible.

# to Draw: The number of objects to use.

Results: Displays the results. Repitition means an object can be used more than once, so for our example the code could be: 1343.